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Many of these Green Products will help you get off the grid and reduce your carbon footprint.  You can use the search box on the right side to find yet more great bargains on cool Eco-Friendly Gifts, Solar Gadgets, and even Fair Trade or Certified Organic Food (see my tip below to get free shipping and SAVE 15% on your grocery purchases).

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So why not create a win/win for you and me. If you like this website and want to help me raise awareness about the need for increased sustainability, please do consider using my above referral links to when making purchases at Amazon now or in the future.

Just a few Amazon tips…you can use the search box in the upper right to find just about any type of green product deals you can imagine at Amazon, and often cheaper than anywhere else. You can even buy groceries at a 15% discount, and get free shipping when delivered on a schedule you set via the Amazon Subscribe and Save Program. Subscribe and Save Program is a great way to reduce Greenhouse Gases and thus reduce your Carbon Footprint because by having items delivered automatically you can decrease your own vehicle trips and mileage and also that of transport trucks, trains, and planes that would normally be moving the merchandise to the middle-men big box retailers like Wal-mart. Cutting out those middle-men is one of the best ways to go green and live a sustainable life.

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